Hinge of Something

"The vice president said we’re at the ‘hinge of history.’ Really? I would have voted for D-Day, but the VP may not be familiar with that event. Someone might want to text him." - Anthony Sacramone in one of the best review of last night’s episode of DNC 2012

President Obama is not afraid to do whatever it takes to protect America from a growing threat to our security, our safety, our very future. That’s right, he’s taking the fight to asthma inhalers. Because a breathing American is one more chance he won’t be re-elected.

Via Anthony Sacramone


[I]n answer to the question, “What exactly happened on Calvary? What exactly did Jesus accomplish?” penal substitution replies: “Jesus took upon himself the just judgment and punishment due sinners. He accomplished the salvation of those who believe.”…

[John] Stott never denied that Scripture pictures Christ’s death as multi-dimensional (as Savior, he is also our liberator, model, and healer), only that the minute you lose sight of His role as the ultimate sacrifice for sin, you have lost the key that unlocks the mystery of the Incarnation and how and why God saves.

Anthony Sacramone, First Things, John R.W. Stott: Defender of the Faith

Captain America Cheats

A delightful review, no I wouldn’t say review, a “report of viewing” of Captain America: The First Avenger by Anthony Sacramone. Here’s a sample, but read the whole thing yourself:

I was given the option of viewing either the 3-D version or the 2-D version.

“How much do I save if I lose a D,” I asked the ticket-monger, with all the insouciance of a certified public accountant. Turns out it was a good five bucks. I sensed a trend. “You wouldn’t happen to offer a 1-D version, wouldja?” Turns out the technology had not progressed sufficiently to offer a moving picture in a purely vertical format that wasn’t just a stick figure waved in front of a beam of light.

It kind of continues on in that vein. I snickered a lot.

"Other than once again putting the lie to the notion that there never was a Jesus…does anyone believe they’d [the nails that crucified Jesus] have some kind of mystical magical powers? That they could do something for you that the Crucifixion itself, and all it entailed, couldn’t?"
Anthony Sacramone asking an excellent question about the finding of the nails supposedly used to crucify Jesus.

(Source: strangeherring.com)

"On Newt Gingrich’s first day as president of the United States, he will, among other things, investigate who shot dead every other viable candidate in both parties.” - Anthony Sacramone