Old ≠ Correct

I’m just going to quote this entire Piper post without further comment:

Beware of imputing advantage to antiquity. Seventy years after the death of Jesus the churches had neither the collected New Testament nor a living apostle. It was a precarious and embattled time.

Neither the experiences nor the teachers of the first 300 years of the church are as reliable as the finished New Testament. The church did not rescue the New Testament from neglect and abuse. The New Testament rescued the early church from instability and error.

We are in a better position today to know Jesus Christ than anyone who lived from AD 100 to 300. They had only parts of the New Testament rather than the collected whole. That’s how valuable the fullness of revelation is in the finished Bible. Beware of idealizing the early church. She did not have your advantages!

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Please note the distinction…

Huldrych ZwingliOnly God is perfect. Only he never makes a mistake. Humanity has been broken by sin and even those who believe God make mistakes. Sometimes big ones.

Please don’t confuse what we say with what he says. Sometimes they’re not the same thing even though we may insist they are.

The best of us believers blow it sometimes. But the best of us recognize it and admit it. Better if you check us against what he’s actually said in his written word. We’re usually checking either other that way but we can’t shut those up who get it really wrong.

Sometimes we do great things and sometimes we don’t. Just like everyone else.